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I did couple roof for this company and he will not pay me. I made several phone calls and they always said that they will pay me sometime but they never will do .

After this bad experience,I found out that the owner of this company owes money to many different subcontractor. This is not fear when all of us we work to feed our family and some one takes away.

I just want to let people be aware of this kind of companies that are still doing business and not paying for their labor. Home owners be aware of Mechanical Liens

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Monetary Loss: $1.


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Not resolved

Jason Brouwer (President) and his siding/roofing company, "The Gopher Company Inc." were summonsed to appear in Hennepin County's Fourth Judicial District Court for neglectful subcontracting of our Albertville home replacement siding, commencing in November 2005. Jason's company was contracted to replace fully, our siding, fascia, soffit and down-spout metalwork damaged as a result of a storm late in 2005.

Jason was contacted numerous times over the course of nearly four years by us, our attorneys and his employees in the hopes that the buckling siding, damaged broken window, cut down bushes, hammer-dented brick molding around an expensive door and other neglectful installation would somehow be repaired to satisfactory condition either by his company or by a different contractor. Unable to achieve the desired result, we sued his company in January of 2007. We also submitted a Complaint to the Better Business Bureau in the hope that the BBB could address the matter. However, that attempt was not fruitful.

A mediation session in relation to our lawsuit against The Gopher Company Inc. took place in February of 2008 but Jason continued to deny any liability for the damage caused by his company. He steadfastly refused to reasonably come to terms with this matter until reaching the threshold of a court trial slated for December 2008.

A few days before that trial, Jason and his company finally agreed to our financial demands as stated in our Complaint. The parties reached a settlement agreement to reflect his financial responsibility for the damage caused by his company. He signed a Confession of Judgment at that time which was later filed early in 2009 when he defaulted on the settlement terms and failed to faithfully make all of his payments. He was found liable for Breach of Contract consequently.

To seek final payment of amounts owed to us by The Gopher Company Inc., we tried several different measures to rightfully elicit money out of Jason or his company including wage garnishment but to no avail. To date, we have yet to achieve satisfactory compensation as provided in the settlement agreement signed by the parties. Jason and his company have repeatedly ignored our requests to resolve this matter even though he has signed a Confession of Judgment. Presently, there is an Order to Show Cause Hearing scheduled for early November 2009 which Jason will be required to attend. If Jason is unable to produce satisfactory financial documentation at that hearing, a Bench Warrant for his arrest may be issued.

Neither Jason nor his company representatives have ever apologized for the amount of problems they have caused us. His company has acted unprofessional time after time. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF USING THIS CONTRACTOR OR COMPANY TO WORK ON ANY OF YOUR HOMES OR BUSINESS.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #877618

I have this company coming out to look at my house. Is this the same Gopher in Little Canada Minnesota? I am confused???


Doesn't make you wonder why this company is no longer licensed in Minnesota


thanks goodness they are out of business. because of shoddy work we need a whole new roof


There are 7 active judgments against The Gopher Company:

27-CV-03-021108 $4482 N C Bennet Lumber Co

27-CV-06-3247 $189,405 Dex Media Inc.

27-CV-06-3488 $2325 MP Mechanical

27-CV-06-12376 $1510 State of Minnesota

27-CV-07-10488 $17,900 Zane/Heather Petersen

27-CV-10-22430 $6686 M L Hansen LLC

27-CV-10-23506 $125 Atomic Recycling LLC


Hire The Gopher Company and you will get poor quality work. Sue them and you will win a court judgment. But you probably will not be able to collect on your judgment.


I had some windows replaced. The work was overall outstanding.

A few tweaks were needed and Jason was willing to make these repairs and stand behind his work even 4 years later. He follows through with his word and stands behind his work.

An honored guarantee is the most important thing for a consumer. This is my opinion from a homeowner that has utilized this company down in Savage MN.


This is just ***!A









Look at the Better Busines rating for The Gopher Company! A *** minus you dumb bunny! People will realize that you are just a scammer trying to make money even after a contractor tried to help you with your issue.

Just crawl back in your hole!


Congrats Gopher Company!

Lavallette, New Jersey, United States #175150

I happen to know Jason personally. He is a wonderful person who does not deserve any of this.

I find it impossible to believe he has done anything accused of here. I'm willing to bet that Jason was treated poorly by a home owner who was looking for someone to blaim for their own stupidity.

love you man

I also will send you pictures of they'er work. after they Voided the Warranty for BS

love you man

Before you think of using The Gopher Co. plaese give me a call, I will tell you what happen to my Family and I.

I'm NOT saying do not use the Gopher Co.

just call before you sign anything!! Dave 651-775-4401


I meant beet red.


We will all give out our name once you finally admit it is you Jason writing these bogus posts. I can't wait for Karma to catch up with you...when you continually lie, rip people off and are generally no good to the main stream society, you will get whats coming to you when the time is right.


About the Anominity Jason. This Forum must drive you crazy.

Well Angry is more like it. I could tell by your last fictional posting how mad you are. Its funny picturing you in front of your computer with you face beat red. You cant just move to another neighborhood when you ruin a home.

Your an *** Jason. Cant wait for your next one.


Jason, open up your dictionary and look up defame. It means lie.

Nobody has lied about you. you are a liar, cheat and thief. Its funny that you dont know who this is because you ripped off so many people over the years. It could be any number of dozens of people.

Or is it hundreds.

Nice try Jason, you put your name hear mr.

Homeowner if you care about the Gopher Company so much. That will never happen because you dont exist.


You mean spirited ***! I am not Jason but the satisfied homeowner in Blaine. You have been SCARED to put your name in this forum, but, you certainly have defamed the Gopher Co and its owner.

So, you coward, I will put my name and address for public record if you do as well.

So, the ball is in your court Drunz. You let the people know where you live and so will I and I will have no problem letting people come by my house to check out the exceptional work Gopher Company has done for me.

I bet you won't put your name and address out for the public to see and you will hide like the coward that you are here in anonymity.


It shows his ethical basis when Jason B. writes these fake postings.

You are not as smart as you think Jason. There is no neighborhood dumb enough to have 45 jobs done.

Word travels fast. Jason is nothing more than a common criminal, he rips off homeowners, sub-contractors and his suppliers.


Jason, you must have bought a dictionary. I know its you.


I own a large home in Blaine, MN and during the summer of 2008 I contracted with the Gopher Company to replace my roof. I paid them over $16,000 to replace the roof. There was not so much as a staple left on my 3/4 acre lot when the finished. The Timberline shingles look wonderful and I would say that this company should be considered one of the best roofers in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. They have been in business for quite a long time and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

Reading this hate filled monologue provided here you can plainly see that there are alterior motives at play.

I found this defamatory we post because I referred a friend and they found your liabolous and belicose rants posted on the internet. I did tell them to go ahead and still use them and I contacted Gopher Company to make sure they knew about your hate filled post.

So, I would say to anyone use the Gopher Company and you will not be disappointed as there are always two sides to every story.


A very satisfied customer of Gopher


I worked at gopher and i know first hand what goes on there. Having a job turn out right is the only isolated case that happens with Jason Brouwer


That is a very observant homeowner that knows how many roofs a company did in his neighborhood. Or is that you Jason lying and cheating again


I find this posting really surprising. The Gopher Company Inc.

was excellent on our roofing and siding job. They performed about 45 jobs in this storm area in the last couple months and myself and all our neighbors used them. We are all so happy, we all believe that they did an excellent job on all of our houses.

I wonder what the situation was there, but it must be an isolated case. We thought they were great!!!!!

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